• Friend Power book, how your friends impact your life to create success, wealth & family

    Are you making sure it's a positive impact?

    Your friends impact your life

  • What is your average?

    The friends you choose will elevate or relegate your results!

    "You are the average...

    of the five people you spend the most time with." 

    Jim Rohn


    Your net worth & average income


    How you approach and handle problems


    How you view the world & treat others


    Your health, your fitness, your prowess

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    Ben Gay

    Editor, The Closers

    Stephanie’s book, Friend Power, hits the mark 100%! It is spot on about the power of your friends and how it influences your future and is a must-read for anyone looking for success. Her writing is succinct, to the point and makes it easy to understand and engage with. This book should be in every success library!

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    Mandy Pratt-Keene

    Life coach & Owner of Results In Coaching

    Hope you get my sincerity - I've been asked many times to read blogs, books, watch videos and your book is truly a gift to others. Can't wait to share it!


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    Maria Balsamo

    Senior Employee, Microsoft

    Wow! Great job. I really liked the book. It was crisp, clear and well-written. You have a compelling voice. I love your

    writing style and am very impressed!

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    Stacey Fabre

    Speaker, Trainer, Author & Coach

    Stephanie Scheller's book, Friend Power addresses the very real but often overlooked issue of the power those you

    surround yourself with hold over you. In it she eloquently points out the reality that we will rise or fall to level of those we surround ourselves with. The message, choose wisely.

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    Kim Becker

    6-figure Life & Business Coach

    I just finished reading the book Friend Power, I love the reference to the Everyman, so relatable as an entrepreneur and something I personally strive to NOT be everyday.

    I always say that your environment is key to your success, something magical happens when we remove ourselves from our environment, we can see things quite differently. 


    After reading this book, I think it also warrants adding that the company you keep is just as important, it's part of your environment and it's difficult to reach your "ultimate success" when you are surrounding yourself with folks who are the "Everyman" This subject is something that really needs to be talked about and this book does a great job is shedding light on the true power of the friends you keep.

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    Diana Rosales

    Business Owner

    I haven't finished your book [yet] because I keep re-reading sections. Let me just say that I'm ecstatic that someone is finally addressing the impact that friends have on one's life. The role and importance of friendship in today's world is a subject that I felt had been neglected thus far.

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